Expat Desk:

Working in the Netherlands

When you are an expat working in the Netherlands you’ll always come across rules and regulations that are very different from those in your native country. While you enjoy your stay, we take care of all paperwork and administrative hassle.  

Do you want to know more about our Expat services?

For example; every expat working in the Netherlands is required to apply for a BSN and file income taxes, regardless of the duration of their stay. Dutch Umbrella Company is here to consult and assist you during your stay.

Our services as well as our competitive fee structure, is the main reason for a variety of companies, small businesses to multinationals, to partner up with us.  

The 30% ruling

The 30% ruling is the most important tax benefit for expats in the Netherlands. Once granted, it allows employers and employees to benefit a maximized NET PAYE. By using the 30% ruling, you will only have to pay tax over 70% of your gross salary. We will set you up with one of our dedicated and specialized advisors to complete your application. Your advisor assists, applies and communicates with the Dutch tax authority on your behalf from start to finish.  

Dutch Umbrella Company as an IND sponsor

If you want us to act as an employment sponsor, which means your employee will be able to start working within a matter of weeks. The Dutch umbrella company is an IND acknowledged referent and thus, we can process all applications quicker than most Dutch companies. We keep the application process quick and efficient, which is beneficial for all parties involved.  

Our high quality services include:

  • Explanation of the application criteria
  • Initial screening to determine whether employee is eligible for the 30% ruling
  • Proforma calculations with and without the 30% ruling
  • Submission of application to the Dutch tax authority  
  • Tips on how to fill out the application correctly  
  • Collection of the completed application documents and submission to the Dutch tax authority
  • Once received, provision of the original tax ruling sent to employer and employee  
  • Implementing the 30% ruling in the payroll administration retroactively