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Changes in determining a foreigner’s Identity

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Changes in determining a foreigner’s Identity

On May 12, 2014 by Dutch Umbrella Company

Until recently it was mandatory for non-EU residents of six years and older, in order to determine one’s Identity, to record two fingerprints on the chip of their residence permit for the Netherlands. On account of new improvements with regard to the determination of foreigners’ identity’s, a new law has been taken into effect from March 1st 2014. The Biometrics Act. What does this new act signify?

With the arrival of the new Biometrics Act, non-EU residents of six years or older are obliged to let ten fingerprints be taken. Besides this, a photo will be taken for the determination of the identity as well as the registration.

Where and when should a foreigner yield his/her documentary?

The identifying partner from the so-called ‘alien chain’ with whom the foreigner comes into first contact is the one who is responsible for register all the required documentation. Outside the Netherlands, the Dutch Consulate or another Diplomatic constitution takes responsibility of the TEV(access and residence) procedure.

For information about this topic, we refer you to the website of the IND.

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