Ask our Expat Desk: Can I apply for a Dutch social security number before moving to The Netherlands?

On July 3, 2013 by Dutch Umbrella Company

Is it possible to obtain a social security number before I arrive to work in The Netherlands?

I am a Spanish national. I have never worked in The Netherlands before and don’t have a Dutch social security number. I am starting a contract in Nijmegen in two weeks.

WePayPeople Expat Desk replies

Typically, persons coming to live or work in The Netherlands will only apply for their social security number after arriving in The Netherlands as their identify must be verified by the local municipality office before it can be issued. This is not always practical for those wishing to begin work immediately on arrival in The Netherlands as emergency taxation will apply until their social security number has been confirmed. WePaypeople is NEN certified and provides an expedited application process to contractors using our umbrella services and employees of employers using our payroll services.

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