Citizen Service Number

Everyone living in the Netherlands is obliged to register in the Basic Registration Persons (BRP). The BRP contains personal details of residency in the Netherlands (residents) and information from people who have left the Netherlands (non-residents). Persons who live in the Netherlands for less than 4 months can also be included in the BRP as non-residents. Because they work temporarily or study in the Netherlands, for example.

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Municipalities keep personal data of citizens in the BRP. When someone marries, has a child or moves, this is recorded.

The citizen service number (BSN – Burgerservicenummer) is issued with the first registration in the BRP. The BSN is a unique personal number for all contacts with the government, health insurers and employers. Dutch Umbrella Company assists to get your BSN, if needed in combination with a residence permit and Dutch IBAN account.

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