Dutch Umbrella Company is a member of the Dutch Association of Mediation and Temporary Employment Companies (NBBU). Payroll companies, such as Dutch Umbrella Company, are considered temporary employment agencies by Dutch law.

Do you want to know more about NBBU CLA?

The branch organization NBBU consist of many temporary employment agencies members. If a company is a member of the NBBU, they are regularly audited whether they comply with the NBBU CLA (Collective Labour Agreement) and the relevant legislation. This ensures you that our company works accordingly.

Your legal position as a temporary worker is expressed through the phases system. The phase of your contract is determined by the number of weeks you have worked for an employer. The further you are in the phases system, the more your rights accrue. The system is divided into four phases:

Phase 1: 26 weeks

This phase concerns a flexible employment contract for the first 26 weeks where you only get paid for the worked hours.

Phase 2: 52 weeks

After you have worked for the first 26 weeks, phase 2 starts. This phase has a duration of 52 weeks. Also, in phase 2 you get paid for the hours you have worked in a flexible employment contract. However, you will start building your pension following the StiPP Basic Plan.

Phase 3: a maximum of six contracts for the maximum duration of four years

The phase 3 contracts are of limited duration with a start- and end date. In this phase, the employer has a continued payment obligation − this means that you are not only paid when you work. This phase has a maximum duration of four years in which you can hold a maximum of six contracts of limited duration. If you lose your job, you will still get paid for the agreed working hours per week for the duration of the contract. In this case, your pension continues following the StiPP Plus Plan.

Phase 4: Indefinite contract

This phase resembles phase 3. But the main difference is that you now have a contract with an unlimited duration with your employer.

Note: for highly skilled migrants, there are strict regulations regarding the duration and conditions of the employment contract. We are fully aware of these conditions and offer them in specially tailored employment contracts.