Highly Skilled Migrants

A Dutch employer can find himself in a situation wherein he is in need of employees with specific competencies, while there are no suitable candidates on both the Dutch and European labour market. However, obtaining a work permit (TWV) is a lengthy and laborious procedure that one would like to avoid.

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The highly skilled migrant scheme

That is why the highly skilled migrant scheme was introduced several years ago. This scheme is supposed to make the Netherlands attractive to professionals who are needed to strengthen the Dutch economy, culture and science research. This scheme has simplified the procedure of bringing highly educated employees to the Netherlands. However, strict legislation and regulations do apply, both for the application procedure as for the completion of the work and salary.

Next to the conditions that apply to all migrants with a nationality other than EU/EER and Switzerland, the following applies to highly skilled workers;

  • You must have an employment contract with an employer or research institution in the Netherlands − which is a recognized sponsor by the Dutch Immigration & Naturalisation Services (IND).
  • You will earn sufficient income.
  • The agreed wage is in accordance with market conditions.

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Dutch Umbrella Company is recognized as a sponsor by the IND and is fully aware and informed of the rules- and regulations regarding highly skilled migrants and labour law in general. If the company you aim to work for is not recognized as a sponsor by the IND, Dutch Umbrella Company can act as your formal employer.

As an employer, we provide full support during the immigration procedure and we make sure that the highly skilled worker has all the necessary documents before the first workday starts. Examples of necessary documents are a Citizen Service number (BSN abbreviation for Burgerservicenummer), a Dutch bank account and the right residence documents. Besides that, we can assist with the procedures for the family members of the highly skilled migrant.

Normally, when applying for a stay for more than 90 days, you have to apply for a Regular Provisional Residence Permit (MVV). Exceptions apply to people with a nationality from one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Vatican City, United States of America or South Korea. The MVV is issued at the Dutch embassy in the requestor its native country.

Did you know:

  • Exceptions exist for people with a nationality other than mentioned above can be exempted from the MVV requirement, which results in time-saving?
  • A highly skilled migrant can often start to work within three weeks?
  • Family members often have no restriction to work and therefore no TWV is needed?
  • Special rules apply for Turkish employees and their family members?
  • There are possibilities to calculate the salary pro rata when you have a part-time employment contract, and still meet the income criteria?
  • Highly skilled workers may benefit from our contracting solutions?
  • Highly skilled migrants following their orientation year, graduation, Ph.D. or do scientific research, have a substantially lower salary norm?

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