Ask the Expat Desk: How do I register with the IND?

On September 18, 2013 by Dutch Umbrella Company

I am an EU national living and working in The Netherlands

I’ve been told I need to register with the IND. Is this true?

WePayPeople Expat Desk replies

Nationals of an EU or EEA member state or Switzerland (with the exception of Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia) who wish to stay or have stayed in the Netherlands for more than 3 months should register with the IND. If you are staying in The Netherlands for 3 months or less, you do not need to register with the IND. You must, however, hold a valid identity card or passport.

When you register, you submit documents to the IND showing the purpose of your stay. After registration, the IND will immediately give you a registration certificate by means of a sticker in your passport (or other identity papers). Registration with the IND is free of charge.

To make an appointment to register, call the IND on 0900-1234561 and indicate that you are calling for the ‘appointments line’. During the call you will be asked what is the reason for your stay in The Netherlands. An appointment will be made for you at the IND desk in your region. A letter confirming the appointment will be sent to your home address. This letter will include a registration form that you can fill in at home. The letter will also state the documents that you must bring with you to the appointment. In nearly all cases, proof of health insurance is required for registration with the IND. You must also first be registered in the Minicipal Administration (GBA) where you are living.

Registration is compulsory. If you do not register it will not affect your right to reside in The Netherlands, however it may mean that you will not be able to apply for social security benefits, student grants or loans.

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