Living in The Netherlands: OV-Fiets (bicycle)

On November 2, 2015 by Dutch Umbrella Company

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The Dutch public transportation system (openbaar vervoer) also offers bicycles as part of their established network. The idea is to complement existing services, allowing commuters to finish their journeys having arrived at a bus, train or metro station. There are already 250 locations established nationwide, in every city centre and also some Park and Ride locations.


  • If you have an OV chipcard (see Monday, 9th September blog post), simply add an OV-fiets subscription at this link to use one of the OV bicycles
  • Extra subscription costs are €10 per year and entitles the user  use of the public bicycles.

OV-fiets In short

  • Find an OV-fiets location by following this link
  • Choose a bicycle with working lights/ inflated tyres etc.



Cost per day

Maxiumum consecutive  days of hire 

1-year subsription

€ 3,15


€ 10.-

Hire locations

You can hire an OV bicycle from a great number of locations. Follow this link. 


Please note, it is possible to return an OV-fiets to a location other than the pick-up location for a fee of €10 per bicycle.

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