Alteration for senior-associates(60+) and pensioners 2014

On February 5, 2014 by Dutch Umbrella Company

For your senior associates there will be two changes in 2014. Among these changes will be an increment in AOW-age & pensionable-age. The work bonus 60+ will become integrated with the already existing payroll tax credit.

Work Bonus 60+

Beginning in 2014 the work bonus will become part of the payroll tax credit, meaning this will become a component within the salary administration. Prior to this alteration, the Work Bonus was arranged together with the income-tax. This new regulation can be practiced when your employee is 60, 61, 62 or 63 years of age on 31-12-2013 and when your employee is receiving income from a current employment. The amount of the tax credit depends on the wage and from 2018 on this regulation will be dispensed. The abolition of new cases will start in 2015.

Incrementing of AOW-age and pensionable-age

In 2013 the AOW-age will increase  incrementally. In 2014 this will be 65 years and 2 months. Beside this increment the pensionable-age will rise to 67 years. This could have consequences in relation to the construction of the pension and may lead to changes in your administration. Please do not forget to contact your pension insurance bureau about this alteration.