How can our services help you?

On November 13, 2017 by Dutch Umbrella Company

In recent years, economic changes have prompted a focus on flexibility in the Dutch labour market. This means; a larger opportunity for companies, whether they have a Dutch entity or not, to hire employees from all over the world. Although it may look or sound like we are a recruitment agency, because employees will be paid and employed through Dutch Umbrella Company, this is not exactly how it works. So how does it work? Who is ‘Dutch Umbrella Company’ and how can we help you with our services?


We often get the question if we can assist employees with finding a job. The answer is; no. Dutch Umbrella Company does not recruit and or place workers. Instead, this is done by the client or by an independent recruiting or staffing agency, which has the added advantage of letting employers hire exactly who they like, but still outsourcing the administrative functions of hiring and employment.

Dutch Umbrella Company

We are a professional employment organization specialized in processing payroll for local and foreign employees that are going to work for local or foreign companies with or without a corporate presence in The Netherlands. Simply put; we can take care of legal employership. The most important thing is that you control your staff and remain responsible for selecting and assigning new employees. After that, Dutch Umbrella Company takes over all administrative tasks for employing your staff in The Netherlands. You as an employer or employee won’t notice any difference other than not having to take care of all the administrative hassle, because we will do that for you.

There are many benefits for using a payroll company. If payrolling is the best solution for you, finding the right provider can accelerate a productive, beneficial partnership that will last a very long time, adding value to you and your business while saving time and being cost efficient.

A few examples

  • Let say you’re an entrepreneur who needs to hire extra staff, but you don’t have the time or expertise to deal with contracts and payroll and you don’t want to set up an entire department to take care of this situation. When using a professional employment organization like ours, you have time to focus on your business while we take care of the administrative part.
  • Maybe you have a six-month project coming up and you need to hire several employees to complete it who will roll off as soon as the project is over. When you find the right employees, they will be put on our payroll and we make sure the right contract is in place, extend – or terminate the contract when needed.

What our services really come down to; making your life as an employer or employee easier. Dutch Umbrella Company has a vast knowledge of the Dutch tax system, flexible, temporary or long-term contracts, and setting you up with the right payroll solution so you can do what you do best!


If you have any questions after reading this blog, please do not hesitate to email us