Indian expats in the Netherlands

On July 3, 2019 by Dutch Umbrella Company

More and more expats from India come to the Netherlands each year. One of the reasons for this is that the Netherlands puts a lot of emphasis on innovation and the knowledge economy. This means that attracting highly educated knowledge workers is key to that very development.

Since the Netherlands relaxed its rules for the admission of non-EU knowledge workers, employers have increasingly been recruiting highly skilled migrants, especially from India. Indian expats are the most highly qualified expats from outside the EU when it comes to the Netherlands. And a lot of these expats work in the IT industry.

A good fit between the IT industry and Indian expats

Most Indian expats live in the country’s larger cities, where most of the technology businesses are located. This is particularly the case in Amstelveen, a suburb of Amsterdam. Several large Indian IT companies, like Tata Consultancy, Infosys and Wipro, have established their European or Benelux headquarters in this area. As of early 2016 the Amsterdam region counted 90 Indian companies. Which is a significant increase of 600% compared to 10 years earlier. The largest group settling here from outside of Europe now consists of highly educated people from India; around 8.000 Indian employees are working in or around the capital.

But there is more to it than just the businesses Indian expats like to work in. There are a number of platforms and networks for Indian professionals living in the Netherlands, offering a comprehensive portal focusing on India centric information or simply providing a friendship and cultural organisation related to these two countries. Dutch businesses are starting to realize the huge potential India has to offer. But it works the other way as well: a lot of Indian companies actively recruit people to come work in the Netherlands – mostly in the IT industry.

How the Dutch Umbrella Company can help

If an Indian business is not registered as such in the Netherlands it can prove difficult to find employment here. This is because of the lack of financial prowess or similar factors. Obtaining the necessary references from the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) can make the process somewhat time- and effort-consuming as well. That is why we provide Indian expats with the opportunity to work on a payroll basis. So that you as an employee can start working here as soon as possible. We can make the entire process of working in the Netherlands a lot easier for both you and your employer.

If this article raises any questions. Or if you simply would like to know more about working here as an expat from India, we can definitely help you out. All you have to do is send us an email to, and we’ll put our expertise to use for you!