Highly educated migrant seeks employment

On January 25, 2016 by Dutch Umbrella Company

Have you just graduated or recently obtained your PhD, and are you still looking for a job? Have you thought about working in The Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a knowledge economy

and a prosperous country with the ambition to be one of the Top-5 innovative countries in the world by 2020. The country has already developed high levels of expertise in many knowledge-intensive sectors including ‘Water’, ‘Agrofood’, ‘Life Sciences’, ‘Chemicals’, ‘Horticulture’, ‘Energy’ and ‘Logistics’. These sectors make a significant contribution to the country’s economic growth and employ large numbers of scientific personnel and specialists, managers and other staff.

It may be just what you are looking for

Innovation is impossible without highly educated knowledge workers and the Netherlands therefore wants to attract workers who can help to develop its knowledge economy.

A large number of multinationals are based in The Netherlands. These include Shell, Unilever, Heineken, Philips and Ahold. Apart from Dutch companies, many branches of foreign companies also generate employment opportunities in The Netherlands.

Job found

If you find a job during your stay in The Netherlands you will be meet the requirements of the Highly Skilled Migrant Scheme and your future employer will not be obliged to have a work permit issued for you. If you want to know more about salary criterion for highly skilled migrants. Read our blog here.

WePayPeople is a recognised sponsor employer

of the IND knowledge migrant scheme and can provide umbrella services for your job and payroll while you are working in The Netherlands. For further information please contact us via duc@wepaypeople.com.