for Dutch companies

At Dutch Umbrella Company, we understand the obligations associated with contracting for a Dutch company. We also understand that these obligations may distract you from your activities, leading to a higher workload but not necessarily to increased productivity. The Dutch system of laws and regulations has certain unique features with regards to contracting which you may not have encountered before. Finding the appropriate solution can be a hassle.

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Our experience with contracting, Dutch business culture and tax legislation makes Umbrella Company the perfect service partner for contractors operating in the Netherlands.

Dutch contracting and Dutch law

Under Dutch law, contracting agencies are liable to taxes levied on contractors in their employ. This chain liability system can be confusing and pose a risk to both the agency and their contractors. People contracting for a Dutch company come into contact with many laws, rules and regulations. Similarly, contracting agencies that supply contractors to Dutch companies encounter specific regulations they must abide by.

Consequently, contracting in the Dutch labour market can lead to needlessly complex situations when one does not use payrolling services. Umbrella Company recognises this situation and offers its services specifically to make contracting for Dutch companies easier.

How can payrolling facilitate contracting for Dutch companies?

Contractors are usually deployed by contracting agencies for fixed-term assignments, based on client needs and may therefore be required to relocate. Professionals contracting for a Dutch company will need to know how their contracting position is viewed by the Dutch legal system and justify their tax situation accordingly.

By using Umbrella Company’s payrolling services, Dutch employers can meet their contracting needs without overstretching their HR department’s resources. Managing one’s workforce can be a costly and time-consuming affair, especially when Dutch tax law and contracting are taken into consideration. Umbrella Company has extensive experience with contracting and the Dutch marketplace. It offers transparent payrolling services that reduce overhead and paperwork. Our unique solution is flexible, versatile and applicable in any Dutch contracting situation contractors or their employers may encounter.