The Dutch Immigration Laws

The Dutch immigration laws are applicable on everybody that wants to enter the Netherlands. Dutch Umbrella Company is a specialist in applying Dutch immigration laws. We help contractors who want to work in the Netherlands or employers that want to hire non-EU employers for a longer period of time.

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What can you do as a contractor

Do you want to work in the Netherlands as a contractor? The Dutch immigration laws can be described as pretty restrictive. The Dutch institute that receives and controls applications for visa and different permits, the IND (Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst), applies the immigration laws in such a strict manner that many applications are denied. But you can save yourself a lot of time having to learn about those complicated immigrations laws by letting the Dutch Umbrella Company manage your immigration process. Furthermore, it will increase the chance that they approve your application without any delay.

What can you do as an employer

Dutch immigration laws also come into play when employers in the Netherlands want to hire non-EU employees. As a company you want foreign employees to start working for you as soon as possible after you hired them. Therefore the last thing you want to be worried about are the administrative tasks. By hiring the Dutch Umbrella Company we make sure that your employee is registered in full compliance with Dutch laws.

Knowledge of Dutch Immigration Laws saves time and money

Whether you are an individual that comes here to work or an employer hiring employees from outside the EU, hiring the Dutch Umbrella Company can be highly effective in more than one way. First of all, you save a massive amount of time when you have a professional agency that handles the application. Secondly, you don’t have to learn everything about Dutch immigration laws yourself. Besides that it can also save you a lot of money, especially when your application is denied. This can occur when you or your employee didn’t meet with all requirements under Dutch immigration law. When this happens you have to start all over again.  

The Dutch Umbrella Company takes all the financial- and legal risk out of your hands by making sure that all applications are done in the right way. We make sure that there won’t be any delay or additional costs. Furthermore, as a recognized IND sponsor all applications through the Dutch Umbrella Company will be processed a lot quicker compared to the applications filled out by most employers. An absolute timesaver!