Payroll Works has doubled its turnover in 2013

On March 25, 2014 by Dutch Umbrella Company

A considerable increment of Backoffice services for employment agencies

PRESS RELEASE – Amsterdam, 24th March 2014 – In 2013, Payroll Works has doubled its turnover in relation to the previous year. This will be for the fifth year in a row. In 2013, the turnover totalled up to 22 million euros. The biggest segment-increment within the company is the Backoffice service for employment agencies and intermediaries. Recently, a daughter company of the agency Humares became a client of their Backoffice services as well. For the year 2014, Payroll Works expects another strong growth.

Julius Kousbrouk, CEO/director and co-founder of Payroll Works: ‘’In perspective to our Payrolling activities and the elaborated automation of those activities, we are perfectly capable in arranging the Backoffice for employment agencies and intermediaries. It is for this reason, that we have extended and developed especially this part in 2013. In the employment agency business, it is inevitable as well that, the registration of employee labour hours, the correct application of social premiums and the invoicing of all the flexible employees is being experienced as aggravating more occasionally.

This suppresses the profit margins because of the fact that it is a time and knowledge-consuming factor. With the outsourcing of the Backoffice, employment agencies and intermediaries improve their profit margins directly in most cases.”

Mr. Kousbroek foresees an increment in the demand for flexible labour in the next years. Flexibility in labour is ‘here to stay’. With regard to the wide range of our delivered services, we could signify a large addition in your company value. This is being well recognized in the market, considering the constant growth we are experiencing.

In 2013, this continuous growth is rewarded with two awards: the FD Golden Gazelle Awards and the fifth place at the Deloitte Technology Fast50. Besides the arrangement of the Backoffice services for employment agencies, Payroll Works also orientates itself on Payrolling and Salary administration. This also provides the company a contracting service for foreign companies which are not established in the Netherlands, but which have the desire to labour employees in the Netherlands.