Premium Discounts for School Leavers and Graduates

On March 6, 2014 by Dutch Umbrella Company

From the 1st July 2014, the Dutch government will offer a temporary premium discount of €3.500 to companies employing graduates or school leavers. The main objective  is to increase possibilities for the jobless youth  market. But does this discount regulation really bring you any benefits?

Employers must  evaluate the pros and cons of the regulation for their selves. For this reason it can be a time consuming and costly procedure. Adolescents between the ages 18 and 27 could be eligible for this (maximum) two yearly premium discount when they:

  • Have received unemployment benefits until the moment they are being employed in the upcoming year or the next year;
  • Receive a contract of employment for at least 6 months and 32 hours a week.

This all leads to an alteration in the salary administration as well. As a result of the regulation’s temporary application, the initiative has not been integrated into the customary administration systems. According to HR-Risk Consultant Robidus, the government should support employers more significantly if they seriously have an ambition to reduce youth unemployment.

Does this premium discount offer you any possibilities? WePayPeople  would like to hear from you  and aim to  accommodate any salary administration requirements you have.