Statutory Minimum Wage as of 1 July 2017

On April 10, 2017 by Dutch Umbrella Company

Each year on 1 January and 1 July the minimum wage is adjusted. In January the minimum wage was raised by 0.94%. As of 1 July 2017, you will have to pay your fulltime employees from the age of 22 at least €1.565,40 gross per month. This means the minimum wage increases 0,89% compared to the current minimum wage.

As a legal employer Dutch Umbrella Company is obliged to implement this raise for all employees subject to this scheme. Dutch Umbrella Company is NEN-certified. Part of this certification is correct payment. This is checked by the Labour Standards Association. For both our customers and the employees this implies an important change. This is why we inform our customers and employees.

Statutory minimum wage (gross) as of 1 July 2017

22 years€ 1.565,40€ 362,25€ 72,25
21 years€ 1.330,60€ 307,05€ 61,41
20 years€ 1.095,80€ 252,85€ 50,58
19 years€ 860,95€ 198,70€ 39,74
18 years€ 743,55€ 171,60€ 34,32
17 years€ 618,35€ 142,70€ 28,54
16 years€ 540,05€ 124,65€ 24,93
15 years€ 469,60€ 108,40€ 21,68

In view of the fact that a full working week may not be the same for each company, there is no statutory minimum hourly wage. In order to calculate the minimum hourly wages, you must divide the weekly wages by the number of hours per week that count in your company as fulltime employment. Below you will find the calculation of the hourly wages for working weeks of 36, 38 and 40 hours respectively.

Age36 hours / week38 hours / week40 hours / week
22 years€ 10,04€ 9,51€ 9,04
21 years€ 8,53€ 8,09€ 7,68
20 years€ 7,03€ 6,66€ 6,33
19 years€ 5,52€ 5,23€ 4,97
18 years€ 4,77€ 4,52€ 4,29
17 years€ 3,97€ 3,76€ 3,57
16 years€ 3,47€ 3,29€ 3,12
15 years€ 3,02€ 2,86€ 2,71

Younger than 15?

For employees younger than 15 there is no minimum wage. Rounding off of the total amount may never result in a salary below the statutory minimum wage.

Salary requirements for a highly skilled migrant

Be aware that these above calculations doesn’t apply for a highly skilled migrant. On January 1, 2017 the IND published the new salary requirements for qualifying as a highly skiled migrant. A highly skilled migrant younger than 30 years old has a minimum gross salary per month of €3.170,-. A highly skilled migrant of 30 years and older €4.324,-. And international graduates who start working as a highly-skilled migrant during their orientation year €2.272,-.


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