Ask our Expat Desk: Knowledge Migrant Visa

On October 23, 2012 by Dutch Umbrella Company

Is there a minimum salary for the knowledge migrant visa?

I am a contractor from Singapore and would like to take up a contract in The Netherlands. Do I need to have a certain salary to be able to apply for a knowledge migrant visa?

WePayPeople Expat Desk replies

Yes, in 2012 applicants for the knowledge migrant visa must have a minimum salary of €51,239 (if 30 years of age or older); €37,575 (if less than 30 years of age); and €26,931 (if they have obtained your diploma in The Netherlands). These salary levels can be inclusive of the 8% holiday allowance. There is no required salary level for scientific researchers or medical doctors training to be specialists.

While you contract in The Netherlands, WePayPeople can provide you with umbrella services, and as an approved employer in the IND Highly Skilled Migrant Program, we can also apply for a knowledge migrant visa on your behalf.