International secondment in the Netherlands

Within the international labour market it is not uncommon that employees are loaned to a foreign entity, called international secondment. In most cases this happens on a temporary basis. However there are also examples that employees travel multiple countries while they are loaned to multiple companies where international secondment has a more permanent character. Dutch Umbrella Company knows all the ins and outs and is here to help you.

What are the benefits

For an employer it offers the opportunity to stay in close contact with foreign markets and possibilities. While loaning your employees to foreign companies or other entities, they can make sure that employees can take new opportunities so that it is also a tool for helping a business grow in foreign markets. It also helps employees develop themselves as they learn to cope with working in a different culture and diverse circumstances. Therefore, knowledge and talent development is an interesting by-product of international secondment.

The legal implications

Working in the Netherlands as an expat means that you fall under complex Dutch tax law and social security legislation. An obvious question is whether those rules and regulations also apply when you are working here through international secondment, especially when it comes to being properly insured. The answer to this question is fairly simple; during international secondment, you and your family having an insurance under your native country’s social insurance schemes. That means that you can avoid paying the probably higher premiums for social security in the Netherlands compared to the ones in your home country.

International secondment with Dutch Umbrella Company

Although it can be a more efficient way of relocating your employees. It still involves dealing with complex legal implications under Dutch labour and social security law. Dutch Umbrella Company can support your employees that are coming over to the Netherlands. We can for example apply for certain exemptions that are there to make sure you can pay your premiums for social security in your home country. Besides that we can also help you with everything you need to know about Dutch tax law and financial benefits in order to maximize your net salary during your international secondment.