Knowledge migrant in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is worldwide known for its knowledge economy, with a high density of companies that operate in IT, finance and corporate services alike. Therefore, Dutch businesses are always looking out for knowledge migrants that can support their business with specific skills and experience that is rare to find within the Dutch labour market. Dutch Umbrella Company assists knowledge migrants and their employers with the application process and other issues that come across during their stay here in the Netherlands.

What is a knowledge migrant?

It is good to know what qualifies as a knowledge migrant as there are multiple benefits associated with that status. A knowledge migrant, also known as a highly skilled worker, is proven to be of substantial added value to the Dutch knowledge-based economy and shows a set of skills and experience that is scarce in the Dutch marketplace. In most cases though, knowledge migrants won’t necessarily have to prove that Dutch or EU workers can’t do their work, defining knowledge migrants by age and salary will be enough for most applications. Minimum salary requirements state earnings of 3.108 euros per month for those under 30, knowledge migrants that are older have to earn a minimum of 4.240 euros.  

Benefits of being a knowledge migrant

There are some interesting benefits that occur when qualifying for a knowledge migrant, both for you as well as for your employer. First of all, employers can apply on behalf of their knowledge migrant before they have arrived in the Netherlands. When applied correctly you can have your foreign employee work for you within a couple of weeks after the application is filed. Second, being a knowledge migrant you apply for certain tax benefits that the Dutch tax system has to offer. For example, the 30% tax ruling allows your employer to pay 30% of your salary as a tax-free component, a benefit that may add up to a substantial amount when filing your tax return!  

Knowledge migrant application procedure

To file an application for a Dutch residence/work permit on behalf of your knowledge migrant you have to be a recognised IND sponsor. As Dutch Umbrella Company has that IND referent we can file the specific application for you. This will save you some valuable time and with our vast knowledge of Dutch labour law and the immigration process we will make sure that your knowledge migrant will be able to start working within a couple of weeks. Dutch Umbrella Company will help you with:

  • The correct application and transmission of required personal documents to the IND;
  • Registering your employee with municipal authorities in order to obtain a social security number;
  • Other administrative tasks such as opening a Dutch bank account and help your employee take out proper health insurance;
  • Extending or renewing the knowledge migrant residence permit.