Expatcenter Amsterdam Partnership

Since the 1st of July 2014, WePayPeople has started with The Expatcenter Partnership Programme Amsterdam.The Expatcenter is an initiative of different municipalities and the Immigration- and Naturalisation service (IND). The Expatcenter offers different services for highly-skilled migrants.


Expatriate employees can visit the Expatcenter for questions, information and advice about government and expat-related issues. International companies and their expats can go to the Expatcenter for any provision and knowledge about the workflows they have to work within The Netherlands. For example registering with the IND and questions about transportation, healthcare, childcare and housing.


In addition to this the Expatcenter connects expats with local service-providers and their trusted partners. WePayPeople is now one of those partners.

International Payroll and Contracting Services

WePayPeople specializes in the field of international payroll administration and contracting services. With our wide range of services we can offer custom made solutions for our clients. In addition to this we also offer additional services such as payment services and pension administration.


Through our Contracting Services we can assist highly-skilled migrants from in- and outside the EU and WePayPeople can serve as legal employer. WePayPeople is a recognized IND sponsor and is experienced with the application of the 30% ruling. WePayPeople is a member of the NBBU collective labor agreement for temporary workers and is NEN 4400-1 certified.



With our knowledge and experience we provide you with a dedicated and skilled team.

Questions about our services? Please contact our Payroll Expat Desk  via duc@wepaypeople.com or +31 (0)20 – 820 15 60.