StiPP Pension fund

The Netherlands has a social security system in place. This system helps individuals, and their families, who find themselves in a challenging financial position. This includes, for example, social benefits for people with an insufficient income due to unemployment, a disability, disease or pension. For the purpose of the social security system, a monthly income tax is deducted from your salary as the employer pays additional taxes as well.

Do you want to know more about our StiPP Pension fund?

Note: every Dutch citizen receives the state pension (AOW) from the retirement age. But besides the fixed state pension, you can choose to build your own pension via savings or your employer.

State pension information can be found here.

How does the StiPP Pension fund work?

StiPP is a dedicated pension fund for the flex industry in the Netherlands. Dutch Umbrella Company, being considered a temporary employment agency by Dutch law, makes use of this fund for its employees.

The Stipp Pension consists of two different packages: the basic- and the plus arrangement. The first 26 weeks (phase 1) is considered as a waiting period. In phase 2, which starts directly after the waiting period, you start building your pension according to the basic arrangement. If you have built up your pension for 52 weeks in the basic arrangement, you automatically move to the plus arrangement.

The main difference between the basic and plus plan is the contribution fee:

  • Basic: 2,6% employer contribution, 0% employee contribution.
  • Plus: 8% employer contribution, 4% employee contribution.

Stipp Pension fund information in Dutch, English, German and Polish can be found here.

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