What is payroll?

More and more companies are starting to use payroll services. Not only because they focus on recruitment, but also because with payroll services they hand over the legal and administrative human resource tasks to payroll companies like Dutch Umbrella Company. If you are working with a payroll company, it is important to know:

  • The payroll company is the legal employer and takes care of all employer-related matters.
  • The client company is responsible for the daily management and supervision.

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How does payroll work for you?

Companies recruit employees for their own organization. During the job interviews, you and the company agree on the terms of employment, such as salary and the length of your contract. Afterwards, the company informs the payroll company about the agreed terms of employment and the payroll company takes it from there.

The payroll company takes care of the following:

  • The correct employment contract and conditions.
  • Paying the right amount of salary on time.
  • The financial and administrative hassle.

Who is your employer?

The payroll company, Dutch Umbrella Company in this case, is your formal employer. We pay your salary and take care of financial and administrative tasks like reporting illness. Whilst we are the actual employer, the company where you perform your work is responsible for your daily management.

If you want to work in the Netherlands

After you have managed to get an employment contract in the Netherlands, there are a certain number of requirements to start your employment. Required is:

  • A valid passport and/or European identity card.
  • A citizen service number (in Dutch: burgerservicenummer or BSN).
  • A valid work permit in combination with a residence permit or VISA (if you are not from the EU/EER or Switzerland).

What is a highly skilled migrant?

You can request the status of highly skilled migrant, or highly skilled worker, when you are a highly educated professional from outside the EU/EER or Switzerland, that wants start working in the Netherlands. To be eligible for this purpose of residence, you will need the following:

  • An employment contract with an employer or research institution in the Netherlands − which is recognized as a sponsor by the Dutch Immigration & Naturalisation Services (IND).
  • A sufficient income.
  • An agreed wage that is in accordance with the market conditions.

How do we support highly skilled migrants?

Dutch Umbrella Company is recognized as a sponsor by the Dutch Immigration & Naturalisation Services (IND) and listed in the Public Register Regular Labour and Highly Skilled Migrants. If you want to work in the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant, we will take care of the following:

  • We take care of the immigration procedure of you and your family.
  • We will provide support so you can settle into your new living environment.
  • We ensure to be your legal employer and follow the employment agreements made.
  • We provide guidance and payment during illness. We support you from contact with the company doctor to reintegration back to work.
  • We provide support when your employment contract ends.

Contact information

Are you interested, or in need of more information? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will happily answer all your questions regarding payroll issues, employment contracts or working in the Netherlands. You can contact us by phone on +31 20 820 15 60 or by email via support@dutchumbrellacompany.com.