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Starting your life in another country can be an overwhelming experience. When the relocation is work-related, this has its effect on both employees and employers. Not only the work environment can be challenging, also finding your way in all rules and legislation demands knowledge.

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Not all Dutch employers in the Netherlands are aware of the details they need to keep in mind when hiring an employee from outside the Netherlands. Dutch Umbrella Company can support both employers and employees in the process of relocating. When an employee is feeling discomfort on a professional or personal level, it affects their work performance. By supporting our employees and their family members in a professional way there is more energy for our employees to focus on their work assignments and enjoy their personal life.

Dutch Umbrella Company – as a part of WePayPeople – offers payroll and contracting solutions for highly educated professionals from all over the world. With our status as a recognized sponsor by the IND, we are entitled to take highly skilled migrants on our payroll. You can count on our high-quality support with a personal touch. That’s where we stand out: we truly care about our employees.

Taking care of our employees means taking care of our clients.

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Are you interested, or in need of more information? Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us by phone on +31 20 820 15 60 or by email via support@dutchumbrellacompany.com.