Contracting solutions

In recent years, the number of contractors (zzp’ers) in the Netherlands has risen sharply. But despite the advantages experienced by many of these contractors, companies are reluctant to hire them. This is mainly due to the high hourly rate and unclear legislation and regulations.

Do you want to know more about our Contracting solutions?

In 2016, the VAR declaration (Declaration of Independent Contractor Status) was replaced by the DBA Act (Deregulation of Labour Relations Assessment) in order to provide more clarity about the employment relationship between a company and a contractor. Unfortunately, the DBA Act has not brought the clarity that was expected.

How can we help you as a contractor?

If you start using our umbrella services, you can keep your flexibility as a contractor, combined with the advantages of employment. Furthermore, you can offer your client the security of a transparent relationship. Keep in mind that there are certain obligatory social security contributions and pension contributions of which we can take care.

All the advantages are as following:

  • You can work as flexible as you want.
  • You arrange the daily work with your client.
  • You negotiate your hourly rate with your client.
  • We take care of the correct employment contracts.
  • We take care of the obligatory social security contributions.
  • We ensure you are registered with the correct pension fund.
  • We provide guidance and prevention of absence due to illness
  • We arrange the necessary insurances.

You will keep all the advantages of working the way you prefer, while we take care of the administration of your business. But there is more.

Did you know:

  • Even highly skilled migrants can use our contracting solutions to their advantage?
  • You can also benefit from the 30% ruling while using our contracting solutions?

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