Press Release: WePayPeople becomes a member of the NIRPA through collective registration of all Payroll Professionals!

On December 5, 2014 by Dutch Umbrella Company

 Gertjan van Dam, director and co-founder of WePayPeople, explains the collective registration:

“Our strong growth of the past few years did not appear out of thin air. We employ outstanding people and our customers benefit from it. The payroll accounting area of expertise never stops developing and that is why we invest in the continuous education of our salary advisers. With the collective registration in NIRPA we guarantee the level of knowledge of the advisers who work for us.”

By registration of its staff WePayPeople Salary Advice shows it supports and acknowledges the vision and quality guarantee of NIRPA. In addition, the continuous education of the WePayPeople salary professionals in the area of salary advice is guaranteed by the registration. Registration of the WePayPeople staff is a step further in the growth and acknowledgement of the NIRPA quality guarantee for Payroll Professionals.