Health insurance in the Netherlands

If you’re working in the Netherlands as an expat for a longer period of time you are obliged to have some form of health insurance. In most cases you have the option to choose between the Dutch public health insurance or private health insurance. The Dutch Umbrella Company helps you sort out the different options you have for taking out health insurance in the Netherlands.

Dutch public health insurance

If you’re an expat from outside the EU and you are staying here in the Netherlands for more than three months you are required to get insured through the Dutch public health insurance system. Also foreign nationals originating from within the EU must obtain a public health insurance when they live in the Netherlands for more than a year, even if they are already covered with health care in their native country. Basis insurance within the public health insurance policy is mandatory, furthermore you can also choose to go for the WLZ which also covers long term healthcare.

Private health insurance in the Netherlands

Combined circumstances like age, personal history and health issues may lead to ineligibility to be covered by the Dutch public health care system. Also you may want to take out extra cover for health care that is not included in the Dutch public health insurance package. In both cases private health insurance is required. Although more expensive the big advantage of private health insurance in the Netherlands is that you can count on being treated sooner compared to being insured through the public system with treatment facilities that you can choose yourself.

Choose the right health insurance in the Netherlands

When you come to live and work in the Netherlands as an expat you have 4 months to set up the health insurance that suits your situation best. In order to weigh all available options within the Dutch health care system the Dutch Umbrella Company supports you with our vast knowledge and experience in signing in with the right insurance company. We help you with criteria such as:

  • The height of the premium for the insurance
  • The height of the excess (the amount you have to pay yourself), where a higher excess may lead to a lower premium
  • Is it possible to add specific insurance for specific treatments to the standard insurance package?
  • What kind of packages are there when you also need insurance for children?

Choosing the right health insurance provider can be quite a complex process as there are a lot of health insurance companies in the Netherlands which leads to a comprehensive number of insurance packages to choose from. The Dutch Umbrella Company knows exactly which Dutch health insurance provider suits your situation best and besides that we will also help you with all issues related to a specific treatment or medical prescription issue.

Do you need more information?

We wrote an article about the Dutch healthcare system and health insurances in the Netherlands focused on expats and foreign students, explaining how the system works and how to find the insurance that fits your medical needs.