Looking for a job in the Netherlands? Present yourself with a Europass

On October 19, 2015 by Dutch Umbrella Company

The European standard for résumés

Want to work in the Netherlands and do you hail from a European Union member state? Then make sure your future employers can get a good idea of who you are as a person, and what kind of skills and qualifications you have. As soon as you have found a job, we can place our extensive experience at your disposal and help you get started quickly. Needless to say, having a clear and transparent CV helps. Why not make things easier for yourself and opt for the Europass curriculum vitae? It’s the gold standard for résumés and offers uniformity in all languages spoken in the European Union. The Europass website offers several types of CV templates for you to download.


Europass consists of five documents to make your skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood throughout Europe:


1 Curriculum Vitae

Your CV reflects your competencies.

2 Language Passport

The language passport is a self-assessment tool that allows you to detail your language proficiency, as well as your qualifications, education and training courses.

3 Europass Mobility

This is a record of your educational background and the knowledge and abilities you have acquired in another EU member state. For instance, courses you have attended, terms you have spent abroad as part of a higher education programme, work placements, volunteer work, etc.

4 Certificate Supplement

The supplement provides information on the skills and competencies you have acquired, as a supplement to your vocational education or training certificates. It adds information to the official certificate, thus making the certificate more easily understood, especially for potential employers outside the issuing country.

5 Diploma Supplement

This document provides information on the knowledge and skills you have acquired as a graduate of a higher education programme.


If you have found a job in the Netherlands, you and your employer will have to ensure that you are actually allowed to commence working. For instance, you will have to apply for a dual work and residence permit. And perhaps you will also want to bring your family, be registered as a self-employed entrepreneur or benefit from the 30% facility. The Dutch Umbrella Company has the expertise to help you arrange all these matters. For instance, we have extensive experience in the field of paying migrant workers’ wages, which helps us advise you on your rights and duties. In addition, we sponsor migrants applying to the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service for a dual work and residence permit, which allows us to fast-track the procedures associated with the application process.



So if you are soon to commence your new job in the Netherlands, do not hesitate to contact us at duc@wepaypeople.com, and we will be happy to help you.