Dutch Business Register

The Dutch Business Register is the official registration in the Netherlands for companies and corporations that want to do business in the Netherlands. That also means that contractors who want to work here as freelancers or with their own company have to be registered as well. With our contracting services we will help you become a legal entity by registering with the Dutch Business Register.

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About the Dutch Business Register

When you are self-employed or working as a freelancer you have to be registered in the Dutch Business Register in order for other companies to verify who they’re dealing with when they want to hire you. Turning this around, it also means that you can look up any information on the companies that want to hire you as a contractor. The register provides information such as:

  • Name, address and, if available, other contact data;
  • Details in case of multiple branches;
  • Authorised signatories, so you can check if you’re dealing with the right person;
  • The receiver, in case the company is bankrupt.


Searching all this information is free by using your address, trade name or registration number with the Chamber of Commerce. There are only costs when you order products, such as a long list of addresses.

Registered authorised signatories

Especially when you’re working as a freelancer the Dutch Business Register is an important document for reference. Signing a contract and getting the order is key for any company. However for a freelancer the value of the contract may be key for continuity in the near future. Dealing with an authorized signatory and therefore stating the authenticity of the signed contract is essential. The register provides you with that crucial piece of information.           

Dutch Business Register as a contracting service   

When you are officially employed as a contractor by the Dutch Umbrella Company, we will make sure that you are included in the Dutch Business Register as soon as possible and can start working on your contract. With our extensive knowledge on the Dutch labour market we know exactly which data and legal indicators are necessary for the Chamber of Commerce to make the registration successful.